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Karismath uses three types of reasoning:

  • Visual Reasoning: to build conceptual understanding of mathematics.

    Learners of all ages draw meaning from the visuals as in watching movies. Shapes and patterns move. They show gestures that express meaning. They help make connections that tell a story without words.

  • Numerical Reasoning: to build foundational structures for learning mathematical operations.

    Numbers express meaning with “gestures”. They move and change for reasons that become easy to understand and explain. How they change reveal the ways in which one mathematical idea is connected to another. Learning shifts from Leaps-of-Faith to Steps- of- Reasoning.

  • Verbal Reasoning: to build pathways to problem-solving

    It is what we use when we communicate using language: we use reason to make ourselves understood. The voice-over and english-print translates visual and numerical reasoning into every-day language.

It offers learners a seamless, resistance-free experience.

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