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Teacher Training

Don't let your teaching interfere with your students' education
The following clips were recorded in July 2009 by Josh's Dad in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2 sessions, with a 15 minute break, 9-year old Josh managed to grasp the concept of simple equations and master the algebraic process for solving them both conceptually and procedurally.
Throughout, Josh expressed a keen interest in the new concept, and wanted to do more! The Karismath Demos and Worksheets were presented to Josh by Shad. The clips offer an insight into how to use them with students. The most important thing to note in these demos are the design of the exercise templates. They guide the learning along "visual rails". The teacher's task is to monitor if or when the learner falls off the track, why, and how to put him/her back on track.

The Algebra Program is being offered on the website starting with "Early Algebraic Thinking" upwards. If you have any questions and concerns please let Shad know at:

Clip # 1: 9 year old Josh learns algebra equations

Josh is introduced for the first time, to the idea that an unknown number can be visually represented!

Clip # 2: Josh Works with 2 bars

The bars represent unknown quantities and are called “x”.
In this clip, even a 7-year old will be able to grasp the idea of a variable shown in this way.

Clip #3: Josh tackles 3 bars.

This exercise is just to get Josh used to the concept of x as a variable. Very user-friendly approach.

Clip # 4: Josh switches to bars and cherries.

Josh was intrigued by the new twist...

Clip # 5: Josh tackles single-bar equations.

This is a good example of tapping into existing knowledge and giving it a new form. Josh solves the equation with numerical reasoning.

Clip # 6: Josh learns the Algebraic approach.

Josh was surprised to see how it works. “Is this much easier?” He was quick to nod “Yes!”.

Clip # 7: Josh tackles Double-Bar equations.

This would have been much more convoluted to do without the algebraic approach.

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